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LWS TR&T Steering Committee
Living with a Star Targeted Research and Technology (TR&T) Steering Committee
Lika Guhathakurta Madhulika.guhathakurta at nasa.gov<mailto:Madhulika.guhathakurta at nasa.gov>
Robert Leamon, robert.j.leamon at nasa.gov<mailto:robert.j.leamon at nasa.gov>

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to enlist your help in finding well qualified candidates for the next Living with a Star Targeted Research and Technology (TR&T) Steering Committee. This committee performs the vital role for the program of establishing and continually updating targets and top-level priorities, measuring progress in meeting science goals and objectives, and providing mechanisms for monitoring how well products that result from the program are transferred into societal benefits. We seek to fill a number of vacancies with members of the community with a solid understanding of the system science that is our goal. This position is for one year and further information can be found at http://lwstrt.gsfc.nasa.gov/trt_steeringcom.htm
You can become a candidate for the Steering Committee by writing to us at one of the addresses below. Please include in your submission a brief summary of the contributions you would make to the committee and your qualifications for doing so, as well as a copy of your vitae. We will accept submissions until the close of business on October 29, in order to establish the new Steering Committee by December 1. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone you think would be interested.
Thank you for your consideration and assistance.
Madhulika Guhathakurta (LWS Lead Program Scientist)
madhulika.guhathakurta at nasa.gov<mailto:madhulika.guhathakurta at nasa.gov>
Robert Leamon (Discipline Scientist)
robert.j.leamon at nasa.gov<mailto:robert.j.leamon at nasa.gov>
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