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Volume XXIII, Issue 36

Editor: Peter Chi
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Table of Contents

1. 2016 AGU Fall Meeting: General Information

2. SPA Aeronomy (SA) Sessions

3. SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH) Sessions

4. SPA-Magnetospheric Physics (SM) Sessions

5. Sessions Co-sponsored by SPA



2016 AGU Fall Meeting: General Information

From: Editor (editor at igpp.ucla.edu)

Fall 2016 AGU Meeting
12-16 December
San Francisco, California, USA


Abstract submission deadline: August 3 (11:59 p.m. EDT)

Those who submit their abstracts by Wednesday, 27 July, 11:59 p.m. EDT will be entered for a chance to be a Fall Meeting VIP during the meeting.

NEW FOR 2016: CO-AUTHORS can be added anytime during and after the abstract submission process, until 17 August. All co-authors must be submitted by 17 August. Note: The deadline to submit an abstract is still 3 August. Co-authors can only be added to already submitted abstracts between the time period of 3-17 August.

More information about abstract submissions to the 2016 Fall Meeting can be found at:

Below are the SPA and related sessions open for abstract submissions. Because of the large number of sessions, we urge readers to find detailed session descriptions online by following the web link at the end of each list.


SPA Aeronomy (SA) Sessions

SA001. Advances in low-latitude aeronomy from space- and ground-based observations
(Conveners: Scott England, Alan Geoffrey Burns, Jonathan J Makela, and Carlos R. Martinis)

SA002. Advances in Radio Frequency Propagation Modeling and Applications
(Conveners: James C Jones, Jonah J Colman, and Ethan S Miller)

SA003. Aeronomy: General Contributions
(Conveners: Anja Stromme, J Todd Hoeksema, and Robyn M Millan)

SA004. Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere (AIM) Coupling Phenomena and Processes: New Observations and Understanding
(Conveners: Xinzhao Chu, Michael Hartinger, Zhonghua Xu and Timothy J Fuller-Rowell1)

SA005. Atmospheric gravity wave sources, propagation, instabilities, and regional and global effects from the surface into the thermosphere and ionosphere
(Conveners: David C Fritts, Michael J Taylor, Kaoru Sato, and Erdal Yigit)

SA006. Challenges in Understanding Energy Budget of Ionosphere-Thermosphere: Coupling with the Solar Wind and Driving from Below 
(Conveners: Olga P Verkhoglyadova, Cheryl Y Huang, Martin G Mlynczak, and Yanshi Huang)

SA007. Chemical transport processes near the mesopause: towards reconciling models with observations
(Conveners: Diego Janches, and Daniel Robert Marsh)

SA008. Current Understanding of the Ionosphere Thermosphere Ionosphere (ITM) Structure Variability, its Impacts, and Outstanding Questions
(Conveners: Jeng-Hwa Yee, Larry J Paxton, James M Russell III and Martin G Mlynczak)

SA009. Developing Critical Measurement Strategies in Ionosphere/Thermosphere/Mesosphere Research — Ideas and Priorities
(Conveners: Larry J Paxton, James H. Clemmons, Roderick A Heelis, and Douglas E. Rowland)

SA010. Disturbances in the thermosphere and ionosphere: current understanding and operational impacts
(Conveners: Yongliang Zhang, Larry J Paxton, Timothy J Fuller-Rowell, and James C Jones)

SA011. Dynamics and Coupling Processes of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere at Middle and Low Latitudes during Geomagnetic Storms 
(Conveners: Chaosong Huang, Yongliang Zhang, Wenbin Wang, and Shunrong Zhang)

SA012. Geomagnetic Storms and Substorms and the SAPS Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Science Challenge: Towards a Synthesis of Observations, Modeling, and Theory
(Conveners: Naomi Maruyama, Stanislav Y Sazykin, Maria M Kuznetsova, and Philip John Erickson)

SA013. Inter-hemispheric differences in high-latitude geospace
(Conveners: Karl Laundal, Nikolai Ostgaard, Matthias Foerster, and Timo Pitkänen)

SA014. Ionizing Radiation Environments throughout the Solar System
(Conveners: Guillaume Gronoff, Jingnan Guo, and Ryan B Norman)

SA015. Multi-scale Space Weather Discoveries Enabled Through Networked Instrumentation
(Conveners: Asti Bhatt, and Elizabeth A Kendall)

SA016. Neutral metallic atom layers in the thermosphere 110–200 km, observations, origins and implications
(Conveners: Jonathan S Friedman, Shikha Raizada and Jens Lautenbach)

SA017. Progress in observations, modeling and understanding of earth’s mesosphere and implications for new research directions in the study of this region 
(Conveners: James M Russell III, and Scott Martin Bailey)

SA018. Solar and heliospheric forcings and their effects on climate
(Conveners: Gabriel Chiodo, Ethan D Peck and Lynn Harvey)

SA020. Winds, Composition, and Temperature in the Thermosphere and their impact on the ionosphere
(Conveners: Wenbin Wang, Vikas S Sonwalkar, and Yue Deng)

Detailed Descriptions of SA sessions:


SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH) Sessions

SH001. Advances in Predicting Magnetic Fields on the Far Side of the Sun
(Conveners: Paulett Creyke Liewer, David H Hathaway, and Russell Howard)

SH002. Collisionless Shock Waves in Astrophysical Plasmas
(Conveners: Lynn B Wilson III, Drew L Turner, and Adnane Osmane)

SH003. Coupling Between Neutral and Ionized Matter in the Solar Wind
(Conveners: David Malaspina, Nathan Schwadron, and Hairong Lai)

SH004. Energy Dissipation and Particle Energization in Turbulent Plasmas
(Conveners: William H Matthaeus, Andris Vaivads, Harald Kucharek, and C Philippe Escoubet)

SH005. Evolution, Dynamics and Macroscopic Effects of Turbulence in the Heliosphere
(Conveners: Tulasi Parashar, William H Matthaeus, Alexandros Chasapis and Sergio Servidio)

SH006. Fast Magnetosonic Shocks in the Heliosphere
(Conveners: Chin-Chun Wu, Kan Liou, Simon P Plunkett and Shi-Tsan Wu)

SH007. Fundamental Physics of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere
(Conveners: Chadi S Salem, Marco Velli, and Olga Panasenco)

SH008. Global Observations of the Heliosphere and the Local Interstellar Medium: IBEX, Connections with Voyager, and Preparations for IMAP
(Conveners: Eric Zirnstein, Jacob Heerikhuisen, Daniel Brett Reisenfeld, and Justyna M Sokol)

SH009. ICME and Energetic Particle Interactions in the Heliosphere and at Solar System Bodies
(Conveners: Reka Moldovan Winslow, Timothy John Stubbs, Jingnan Guo, and Thomas Knight)

SH010. Kappa Distributions: Theory and Applications in Space Plasmas
(Conveners: George Livadiotis, Adolfo F. Vinas, Peter H Yoon and Thomas W Broiles)

SH011. New Observations and Recent Results for Solar X-ray Spectral Measurements and their Applications for Earth's Atmosphere
(Conveners: Amir Caspi, and Thomas N Woods)

SH012. Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions in Space Plasmas
(Conveners: Daniel Verscharen, Stuart D Bale, Chadi S Salem and Michael Louis Stevens)

SH013. Organizing and Understanding Solar and Heliospheric Data for Discovery
(Conveners: Jack Ireland, and Rafal Angryk)

SH014. Particle Acceleration and Transport at the Sun and in the Inner Heliosphere
(Conveners: Linghua Wang, Gang Li, and R F Wimmer-Schweingruber)

SH015. Preparing for Solar Probe Plus and Solar Orbiter: A Coordinated Science from the Corona to the Inner Heliosphere
(Conveners: Kelly E Korreck, Nicola Justine Fox, Nathan Schwadron, and Yannis Zouganelis)

SH016. Science of Space Weather Interactions with Space Technologies
(Conveners: Linda Neergaard Parker, and Joseph I Minow)

SH017. Snow Flakes in the Oven - Cool Prominences and Coronal Rain in the Hot Solar Corona
(Conveners: Wei Liu, Patrick Antolin, and Thomas E Berger)

SH018. Solar and Heliospheric Physics: General Contributions
(Conveners: J Todd Hoeksema, Robyn M Millan, and Anja Stromme)

SH019. Space Weather Forecasting: Science, Operations, and Missing Information
(Conveners: Mario Mark Bisi, Antti A Pulkkinen, and Americo Gonzalez-Esparza)

SH020. Sun-to-Earth Evolution and Characteristics of Geo-effective Solar Eruptions
(Conveners: Ying D. Liu, Emilia Kilpua, Noé Lugaz, and Miho Janvier)

SH021. Synergies Amidst the Magnetic Environment of Solar Eruptions
(Conveners: Xudong Sun, Xin Cheng, and Marc L DeRosa)

SH022. The Connections Between Coronal Shock Wave Dynamics and Early SEP Production
(Conveners: David Lario, Iver Cairns, and Nariaki Nitta)

SH023. The Maunder Minimum: How Deep, How Long?
(Conveners: Nadezhda Zolotova, and Leif Svalgaard)

SH024. The Physics of Magnetic Flux Ropes Throughout the Heliosphere.
(Conveners: Jakobus Albertus le Roux, Qiang Hu, Gary Paul Zank and Quanming Lu)

SH026. Voyager Interstellar Mission: Its Scientific Discoveries and Their Relation to Remote Observations
(Conveners: Nikolai V Pogorelov, Robert B Decker, Merav Opher, and John D Richardson)

SH027. Waves, Oscillations, and Instabilities in Solar and Heliospheric Plasma Structures
(Conveners: Shreekrishna Tripathi, Leon Ofman, Irina Kitiashvili, and Viktor Fedun)

Detailed Descriptions of SH sessions:


SPA-Magnetospheric Physics (SM) Sessions

SM001. A century of ring current investigations: The quest to predict it
(Conveners: Vania Jordanova, Raluca Ilie, and Colin M Komar)

SM002. Advancing Cross-disciplinary Knowledge of Ground Magnetic Perturbations: Understanding Sources from the Outer Space to Deep Inside the Earth
(Conveners: Peter J Chi, Paul Bedrosian, Mark J. Engebretson, and Carol A Finn)

SM003. Advancing our Understanding of the Dynamic Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System Using Auroral Imaging
(Conveners: Jesper W Gjerloev, Rune Floberghagen, Shasha Zou, and David J Knudsen)

SM004. Assessing the National Space Weather Action Plan: Implications for Space Weather Research
(Conveners: James Parker McCollough II, Gian Luca Delzanno, Eric K Sutton and Stephen White)

SM005. Birkeland Currents: Achievements since Iijima and Potemra [1976], and challenges in years to come
(Conveners: Aoi Nakamizo, Natalia Y Ganushkina, Hermann J Opgenoorth, and Lawrence J Zanetti)

SM006. Combining data and models in data-starved fields of heliophysics
(Conveners: Viacheslav G Merkin, Pete Riley, Mikhail I. Sitnov, and Michael Ghil)

SM007. Drivers and Impact of Particle Loss in the Inner Magnetosphere
(Conveners: Maria Spasojevic, and Yuri Shprits)

SM008. Field-aligned Currents, Poynting Flux, Auroral Precipitation and Their Role in Magnetosphere – Ionosphere – Thermosphere Coupling
(Conveners: Hyunju KIM Connor, Haje Korth, Gang Lu and Binzheng Zhang)

SM009. Fluctuating Aurora
(Conveners: Beate Krøvel Humberset, Allison N Jaynes, Wen Li, and Marilia Samara)

SM010. Geospace Research from Polar Environments
(Conveners: Hyomin Kim, Andrew J Gerrard, J. Michael Ruohoniemi and Peter J Chi)

SM011. Imaging the global dynamics of the solar wind - magnetosphere interaction
(Conveners: Yaireska M Collado-Vega, Steven M Petrinec, Thomas Cravens, and Steven Sembay)

SM012. Interaction of mesoscale magnetotail transients with the inner magnetosphere and the ionosphere
(Conveners: Frank Toffoletto, Viacheslav G Merkin, Andrei Runov, and Drew L Turner)

SM013. Interactions Across the Spectrum of Inner Magnetosphere Plasma
(Conveners: Colby L Lemon, Yiqun Yu, Michael Warren Liemohn, and Jichun Zhang)

SM014. Ion Upflow/Outflow Physics and Their Effects on the Coupled Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System
(Conveners: Shasha Zou, Barbara L Giles, and Vince Eccles)

SM015. Kappa Distributions: Origin and Effects on Planetary Magnetospheres
(Conveners: George Livadiotis, Mitsuo Oka, Kostas Dialynas and Keiichi Ogasawara)

SM016. Magnetospheres in the Inner Solar System
(Conveners: Gina A DiBraccio, Daniel J Gershman and Marissa Vogt)

SM017. Magnetospheres in the Outer Solar System
(Conveners: Xianzhe Jia, Chris Paranicas, and George B Hospodarsky)

SM018. Magnetospheric Physics: General Contributions
(Conveners: Robyn M Millan, J Todd Hoeksema, and Anja Stromme)

SM019. Magnetospheric Response to Transient Solar Wind Phenomena
(Conveners: Qiugang Zong, Hui Zhang, and Oleg L Vaisberg)

SM020. Magnetotail Dynamic Processes: Recent Progress in Observations and Simulations
(Conveners: Jiang Liu, Chih-Ping Wang and Yu Lin)

SM021. Moon-Plasma Interactions Throughout the Solar System
(Conveners: Sven Simon, Sean Hsu, James O'Donoghue, and Carol S Paty)

SM022. Multiscale Processes in Earth’s near-tail and inner magnetosphere
(Conveners: Stephen A Fuselier, Ian J Cohen, Aleksandr Y Ukhorskiy and Sarah K. Vines)

SM023. Multiscale Structure and Dynamics of Earth's Dayside Magnetopause:  Results from the First MMS Dayside Season
(Conveners: John Dorelli, Steven M Petrinec, Paul Cassak, and Benoit Lavraud)

SM024. Novel instrument techniques for Heliophysics: in-situ and remote sensing
(Conveners: Keiichi Ogasawara, Elizabeth MacDonald, Michael Wayne Davis and John W Bonnell)

SM025. Plasma Sheet Processes and Magnetotail Origins of Auroral Morphology
(Conveners: Ping Zhu, and Joachim Raeder)

SM026. Quantification of Wave-Particle Interactions in the Earth’s Radiation Belts
(Conveners: Wen Li, Weichao Tu, Seth G. Claudepierre, Maria Usanova)

SM027. Radiation belt dynamics in the Earth’s inner zone and slot region
(Conveners: Jean-Francois Ripoll, Joseph F. Fennell, and Xinlin Li)

SM028. Solar-Terrestrial Interactions: Dayside Transients
(Conveners: Gerard J Fasel, David G Sibeck, and Syau-Yun Wang Hsieh)

SM029. Understanding the scale and significance of ULF modulation of higher frequency wave power and energetic particle loss rates.
(Conveners: Alexa Jean Halford, Aaron W Breneman, and Chris A Colpitts)

SM030. Upstream Processes and Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling
(Conveners: Heli Hietala, Brian Walsh, and Robert C Fear)

Detailed Descriptions of SM sessions:


Sessions Co-sponsored by SPA

From: Editor (editor at igpp.ucla.edu)

A103. The rise of small satellite constellations for Earth observation
(Conveners: William Swartz, Charles D Norton, Pamela Millar, and David M Klumpar)

AE003. Ionospheric Modification by Lightning, Space Weather, and Active Experiments
(Conveners: Morris Cohen, William A Bristow, and Robert C Moore)

GP008. Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) Hazards and Impacts
(Conveners: Jennifer L Gannon, Zhonghua Xu, and Christopher C Balch)

NH010. Ionospheric and Atmospheric Monitoring of Natural Hazards: Existing Terrestrial and Potential Planetary Applications
(Conveners: Elvira Astafyeva, Attila Komjathy, and Lucie Rolland, Géoazur)

NH017. Pre-earthquake processes: An interdisciplinary approach to earthquake prediction studies
(Conveners: Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergey A Pulinets, Katsumi Hattori, Patrick T Taylor)

PA012. Defining Extreme Space Weather Events
(Conveners: Seth Jonas, Pete Riley, Thomas J Immel, and Bill Murtagh)

P015. Juno's Exploration of Jupiter and the Earth-based Collaborative Campaign
(Conveners: Scott J Bolton, John E P Connerney, Glenn S Orton, and Fran Bagenal)

PA037. The National Space Weather Action Plan: Five Benchmarks for Extreme Space Weather Events
(Conveners: Seth Jonas, Thomas E Berger, and Bill Murtagh)


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