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Volume XXIII, Issue 40

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Table of Contents

1. 2016 AGU Union and SPA Section Awards

2. MEETING: ICON/GOLD Workshop Registration Reminder

3. JOB OPENING: Program Director (Rotator) Opportunity at NSF:  Magnetospheric Physics



2016 AGU Union and SPA Section Awards

From: David Sibeck (david.g.sibeck at NASA.gov)

The AGU recently announced Union and Section Awards.  The SPA Section has been remarkably successful.  Please join me in congratulating the following SPA Section awardees:

Africa Award for Research Excellence in Space Science  (Union)
   John Bosco Habarulema, South African National Space Agency and
   Rhodes University

Athelstan Spilhaus Award (Union)
   Roberta Johnson, University of Illinois

James B. Macelwane Award (Union)
   Toshi Nishimura, University of California at Los Angeles

Waldo E. Smith Award (Union)
   Mark Moldwin, University of Michigan

William Kaula Award (Union)
   Louis J. Lanzerotti, New Jersey Institute of Technology

This year's SPA Bowie lecturers at the Fall AGU will be:
   Tom Cravens (U. Kansas) for the Nicolet Lecture
   Tom Woods (LASP) for the Parker Lecture

Basu United States Early Career Award for Research Excellence in Sun-Earth Systems Science (SPA)
   Colin Komar, NASA/GSFC 

F. L. Scarf Award (SPA)
   Kok Leng Yeo, MPI Lindau

Richard Carrington Education and Public Outreach Award (SPA)
   Ramon E. Lopez, University of Texas, Arlington

Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award in Sun-Earth Systems Science (SPA)
   Joseph Olwendo, Pwani University

D. G. Sibeck
SPA Section President


MEETING: ICON/GOLD Workshop Registration Reminder

From: Stan Solomon (stans at ucar.edu)

Observation and Analysis Opportunities Collaborating with the ICON and GOLD Missions
27-28 September 2016
NCAR High Altitude Observatory, 3080 Center Green Dr., Boulder, Colorado

Please register by 29 July!

Registration is free, but if you wish to present a talk or poster, please go to http://www2.hao.ucar.edu/geogoldicon and fill out the registration form.

This workshop will present information on the goals and instrumentation of upcoming missions studying the ionosphere/thermosphere system, including the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON), Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD), and the Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate (COSMIC-2).  Contributions presenting complementary ground-based observations, modeling, and data synthesis are encouraged.  

We anticipate a workshop oriented toward discussion of the scientific studies enabled by these measurements, with a targeted session for selected topics.  Suggested topics include:  geomagnetic storms; instabilities in the low-latitude ionosphere; waves, tides, and lower atmosphere effects; space-weather enabling science; climate, chemical coupling, and broader impacts.

Please contact a member of the Scientific Organizing Committee if you have ideas for the topical scientific sessions, suggestions for particular scientific plans or objectives, or opinions on how to structure the workshop:
Stan Solomon (chair): stans "at" ucar.edu
Seebany Datta-Barua: sdattaba "at" iit.edu
Phil Erickson: pje "at" haystack.mit.edu
Jonathan Makela: jmakela "at" illinois.edu


JOB OPENING: Program Director (Rotator) Opportunity at NSF:  Magnetospheric Physics

From: Therese Moretto Jorgensen (tjorgens at nsf.gov)

Janet Kozyra’s outstanding service as Program Director for the Magnetospheric Physics Program in the Geospace Section of NSF’s Division of Atmopsheric and Geospace Sciences will soon be coming to an end.  Consequently, we are seeking her successor. We are looking for an experienced magnetosphere scientist with a flair for scientific leadership and an interest in community service, who is excited about the opportunity to work with us to maintain an excellent magnetospheric research program and shape the investment in magnetosphere science at NSF.  In return, the position offers a unique chance to experience the inner workings of federal research programs and to influence the future development of Geospace science at NSF.   A starting date around December 1, 2016 would be ideal but a slightly later date can also be arranged.  Rotator assignments are typically of 2-3 year duration. 

Rotator positions can be either Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA) or Visiting Scientist, Engineer, and Educator (VSEE) assignments.  For more information regarding rotator assignments and eligibility, visit our website at https://www.nsf.gov/careers/rotator/ .  Fed Temp employment is also a possibility. For more details about the requirements for the position, see the full text of the current Dear Colleague Letter announcing Rotator opportunities in the Geospace  Science Section at http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2015/ags15001/ags15001.jsp .

Consideration of interested applicants will begin September 1, 2016, and will continue until selection is made.  Individuals interested in applying for this position should send a current CV and letter of interest by email to:

Therese Moretto Jorgensen, Geospace Section Head
National Science Foundation
Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences

Email:  tjorgens at nsf.gov
Phone: (703) 292-4729

Questions about the position can be directed to the above or to the current Program Director for Magnetospheric Physics, Janet Kozyra:

Email: jkozyra at nsf.gov
Phone: (703) 292-4690


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