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Volume XXIII, Issue 50

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Table of Contents

1. AGU Elections

2. Nominations for AAS/SPD Hale and Harvey Prizes: First Call

3. MEETING: 2016 SDO Hotel/Registration/Agenda 

4. SESSION: 2017 URSI U.S. NRSM Special Session "New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing" - Call for Papers

5. NASA MinXSS-1 CubeSat Solar SXR Spectra Available



AGU Elections

From: David Sibeck, Larry Paxton (david.g.sibeck at nasa.gov)

We encourage you to vote for the leaders of the Space Physics and Aeronomy section and for other AGU leaders. The AGU election polls opened on 29 August 2016 and will remain open through 27 September. While there are a total of 110 candidates across all 25 ballots, we encourage all eligible voters to click on the unique link provided by the election vendor and check out your ballots. All voters receive ballots for the Board of Directors and the student/early career candidates on the AGU Council. Voters should also receive ballots for all sections/focus groups to which they belong. If you have any questions about the ballots you received, please contact AGU Member Services Center by emailing service at agu.org or by calling +1-202-462-6900 (international calls) and +1-800-966-2481 (toll free for North America). AGU Member Services are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 6pm Eastern Daylight Time.

To vote:
•  Candidate info is posted on elections.agu.org and the same info is also provided on the voting site provided by the vendor.
•  Emails were sent out to all eligible voters between 29 -31 August from <mailto:noreply at directvote.net>. Please check your junk mail, if you’re not sure you received it, or ask for your credentials to be resent.
•  You can visit the voting site as many times as you like until the election closes on 27 September.
•  Each ballot is a separate election; it’s up to you to decide how many ballots you’d like to submit. We hope you will submit at least 1 ballot.
•  Voting is simple and fast! Each open position has 2 candidates and candidates are asked to answer the same question, giving voters comparable info about both candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact AGU_Governance at agu.org


Nominations for AAS/SPD Hale and Harvey Prizes: First Call

From: Mark Linton (mark.linton at nrl.navy.mil)

Nominations are sought for the 2017 American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division (AAS/SPD) George Ellery Hale Prize. In considering candidates, the Hale and Harvey Prize Committee is to be guided by the impact of the candidates' research in solar physics, general astronomy, geophysics, mathematics, and physics. Any living scientist is eligible to receive the award without consideration of race, sex, or nationality.  Please see http://spd.aas.org/navbar_prizes.html and for the detailed eligibility criteria and a list of previous awardees.

Nominations are also sought for the 2017 AAS/SPD early career Karen Harvey Prize. This prize is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution to the study of the Sun early in a person's professional career. The prize will be awarded to a person who has not reached 36 years of age, or who has not reached ten years of professional experience since the Ph.D or equivalent degree, at the end of calendar year 2016. This award is open to anyone who meets the age and professional experience requirements, without regard to country of residence, citizenship, or membership in the SPD. Please see http://spd.aas.org/navbar_prizes.html for the detailed eligibility criteria and a list of previous awardees.

A letter of nomination for the Hale or Harvey prize, with supporting letters of endorsement (at least two of which must be from members of the Society), curriculum vitae, and bibliography should be submitted to the Hale and Harvey Prize Committee, which will be responsible for the selection.

Deadline for receipt of letters and supporting documents for either (Hale or Harvey) prize nomination is November 14, 2016. Submissions should be sent to Mark Linton at haleprize.harveyprize at nrl.navy.mil . 


MEETING: 2016 SDO Hotel/Registration/Agenda 

From: Vanessa George (vanessa.george at lasp.colorado.edu)

Early Registration and Hotel Reservation deadline:  ** Friday, Sept. 16 **

SDO 2016:  Unraveling the Sun's Complexity
Oct. 17-21, 2016   *   Burlington, VT
Website:  http://SDO2016.lws-sdo-workshops.org

The 2016 LWS Solar Dynamics Observatory Science Workshop if quickly approaching.  Please visit the website for the detailed science program/agenda, abstracts (coming soon), registration, hotel, logistical information, etc.   With a great science program and Vermont's beautiful fall foliage in mid-October, we hope you make plans to join us!   

The Scientific Organizing Committee for SDO 2016:
W. Dean Pesnell (chair), Charles Baldner, Mark Cheung, Frank Eparvier, Meng Jin, Aimee Norton, and Barbara Thompson


SESSION: 2017 URSI U.S. NRSM Special Session "New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing" - Call for Papers

From: Phil Erickson, Julio Urbina (pje at haystack.mit.edu)

CALL FOR PAPERS:  2017 URSI National Radio Science Meeting
January 4-6, 2017
Commission G special session: "New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing"
    Phil Erickson (G) (pje at haystack.mit.edu)
    Julio Urbina (G) (julio.urbina at gmail.com)

This session will cover all aspects of measurement techniques for plasma parameter determinations in the space environment.  Papers are solicited on a broad range of subjects related to the use of radio waves for passive and active remote sensing of geospace plasmas, including ground based and space based platforms.  Appropriate topics include experimental and data analysis developments and novel techniques involving inversion, imaging, interferometry, optimal transmission waveforms, and related subjects.  We especially encourage papers addressing those applications, concepts, and architectures with transformative potential for remote sensing.

The DEADLINE for online submission of abstracts is SEPTEMBER 19, 2016.

General Information on the URSI meeting can be found at:

The organizers of this meeting require the use of electronic submissions. If you have any questions on abstracts or the technical program, please direct them to the USNC-URSI Secretary, Dr. Sembiam Rengarajan (srengarajan at csun.edu). Abstracts must have a minimum of 250 words. More information about USNC-URSI is available at

We strongly encourage you to have students submit abstracts and attend the meeting. There is travel support available (up to $600) for students presenting first author papers.  Students are also encouraged to enter the student paper competition, which requires full-length papers and awards a plenary session talk and cash prizes to the finalists.

Please feel free to distribute this note to your colleagues who may be interested in presenting.

We look forward to seeing you in Boulder next January!

Best regards,

Phil Erickson, MIT Haystack Observatory
Julio Urbina, Pennsylvania State University


NASA MinXSS-1 CubeSat Solar SXR Spectra Available

From: Tom Woods, James Mason (Tom.Woods at lasp.colorado.edu)

The Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSat was deployed on May 16, 2016 from ISS and has been making solar observations of the full-disk soft X-ray (SXR) spectra since June 9, 2016. The Level 1 solar SXR spectra with up to 1-minute cadence, along with user guide and data plotting examples in IDL and Python, are available at:

This is version 1 release for MinXSS-1 mission. This web site also provides overview and papers about the MinXSS satellite and instruments. The MinXSS-1 orbit altitude is currently at 385 km, and its mission life is expected for another year. The MinXSS-2 CubeSat is being launched in January 2017 and is expected to have a 5-year mission life with a starting altitude of 500 km.

Please contact us for any data or web interface issues:
James Mason:  james.mason @ lasp.colorado.edu 
Tom Woods (MinXSS PI):  tom.woods @ lasp.colorado.edu


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