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Volume XXIV, Issue 46


Table of Contents

1. JOB OPENING:  Heliophysics Division Director, NASA Science Mission Directorate, under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)

2. Monday Science Telecon


Announcement Submission Website: http://goo.gl/forms/qjcm4dDr4g


JOB OPENING:  Heliophysics Division Director, NASA Science Mission Directorate, under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)

From: Leopoldo Gomez (leopoldo.gomez at nasa.gov)

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) has an immediate need for an experienced science leader to serve as Heliophysics Division Director under an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) appointment.

The incumbent will lead the NASA HQ Heliophysics team in running Research and Analysis programs of national and international scope, developing and operating a fleet of 23 missions in various stages of implementation and flight, and setting a strategic agenda for the future informed by the decadal survey, including both fundamental research and space weather related applied research, a crucial inter-agency activity. The incumbent will also advocate and speak for all of NASA heliophysics to various stakeholders, manage and oversee budget planning for NASA Heliophysics, and directly engage in providing overall strategy, guidance, and advocacy for all of NASA’s science programs in SMD. The Heliophysics Division Director reports directly to the SMD Associate Administrator (AA), and supports the AA in determining and presenting the Heliophysics Program to NASA senior management, the Office of Management and Budget, Congress, and the scientific community.

The full job opportunity posting can be found at:  https://science.nasa.gov/about-us/job-opportunities

Applicants should forward their resume or Curriculum Vitae to Mr. Leo Gomez at leopoldo.gomez at nasa.gov on or before October 13, 2017; any questions can be directed to Mr. Gomez at 202.358.1130.


Monday Science Telecon

From: David Sibeck  (david.g.sibeck at nasa.gov)

At 12:00 noon EST on Monday (August 28), we plan to hold the next in our ongoing series of science telecons. The speaker this Monday will be Terry Liu from University of California, Los Angeles. The topic will be "Particle acceleration in the core of foreshock transients".

The telecom will be broadcast live via webex. If you would like to join, please
go to http://uclaigpp.webex.com/, search for the ‘Dayside Science' meeting, enter your name and contact information, and then the meeting password, which is Substorm1!

To hear the audio, do not dial the number that pops up on the webex website. Instead, please dial the following toll free (in the United States) number:
with passcode 901533

Please remember to mute your telephone if you are not speaking.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


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