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Volume XXVII, Issue 64


Table of Contents

1. AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Needs Your Help in Choosing Your Future Leadership 

2. AGU 2020 - Coffee with COFFIES

3. We Are Looking for New Book Ideas

4. Center for Geospace Storms (CGS): Workshop and Website

5. Interstellar Probe Study Exploratory Workshop 16-20 November 2020

6. JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Experimental Plasma Physics

7. JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Researcher and two PhD Students in Space Physics at University of Oulu

8. Arecibo Observatory Fall 2020 Newsletter Now Available

9. New RHESSI Science Nuggets


Announcement Submission Website: http://goo.gl/forms/qjcm4dDr4g


AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Needs Your Help in Choosing Your Future Leadership 

From: Geoff Reeves, Christina Cohen, Larry Paxton (Geoff at ReevesResearch.org)

Two SPA leadership positions are open: President-Elect and Secretary for Magnetospheric Physics.

SPA leadership includes a current president (Christina Cohen), past president (Larry Paxton) and president-elect (Geoff Reeves). Every two years we elect a new president-elect from either SM, SH, or SA. This year is Larry Paxton’s last so the new president-elect candidates come from the SA community. We have two excellent candidates for SPA president elect this year: 

Naomi Maruyama from the University of Colorado Boulder and 
Therese Moretto Jorgensen from the University of Bergen.

The SPA secretaries are, among other things, responsible for organizing the sessions at the Fall meetings and serving on the SPA leadership team. Again we have people who represent SM (Liz MacDonald), SH (Christina Lee) and SA (Romina Nikoukar). Liz MacDonald has served as secretary for several terms and will be rotating off for a well-deserved break so the two new candidates come from the SM community:

Christine Gabrielse from the Aerospace Corporation and 
Amy Keesee from the University of New Hampshire.

Candidate bios and statements are at https://www.agu.org/Learn-About-AGU/About-AGU/Elections/Section-Candidates 

SPA members should have received an email with a personalized link to vote. If not, or if you lost yours, then go to https://www.directvote.net/agu/sendID.aspx

Thanks for being an active member of SPA!


AGU 2020 - Coffee with COFFIES

From: The COFFIES Center Effectiveness Team (bluansing at berkeley.edu)

Calling all undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs attending AGU in 2020! You are cordially invited to join COFFIES researchers, educators, and other leaders for an informal, wide-ranging discussion on current and future solar physics research topics, as well as the many possible education and career paths in this field.

As one of nine NASA-funded Heliophysics Phase I DRIVE Science Centers (DSCs), COFFIES (Consequences of Fields and Flows in the Interior and Exterior of the Sun) is working to establish a multi-institution DSC to develop the most reliable data driven physical model of solar activity possible.

To stay up-to-date on this session, including the exact date and time, and for more information, please fill out the interest form at bit.ly/coffies and we'll be in touch!


We Are Looking for New Book Ideas

From: Andreas Keiling, Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, Xianzhe Jia, Valery Nakariakov (keiling at berkeley.edu)

The AGU Books program has a new Editorial Board that is seeking to commission new books across the Earth and space sciences to serve our community of researchers, students, and educators.

Do you know of some scientific advances that would be well-suited to being presented in book format? Is there a course you teach that really needs a new textbook? Do you know someone who would be ideal to write or edit a new book?

Andreas Keiling and Kate Lajtha, the two Editors-in-Chief, are supported by an exciting and diverse team of 11 Editors to cover all disciplines. Check them out at: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/books-editorial-board

You can contact one of the Editors-in-Chief or one of the specialty editors covering your field of research to discuss book ideas and the proposal process.

For more information about the AGU Books Program visit https://www.agu.org/Publish-with-AGU/Publish/Books


Center for Geospace Storms (CGS): Workshop and Website

From: Slava Merkin (slava.merkin at jhuapl.edu)

Dear colleagues,

The webpage for the first CGS Workshop to be held virtually on 9-10 November 2020 has been set up:


Please, feel free to explore the agenda and register. Slack and Zoom links will be sent to the list of registered participants as we get closer to the meeting dates.

We are also glad to let the community know about the CGS website that just went live:


Feel free to explore, leave feedback and come back often for new content!


Interstellar Probe Study Exploratory Workshop 16-20 November 2020

From: Andrea S. Harman (ams573 at alumni.psu.edu)

Interstellar Probe Study Community,

We are less than two months away from the third annual ISP Study Exploratory Workshop, and we can’t wait to see you there! As a reminder, this event will be held remotely via Zoom.

We have two important announcements for you.

FIRST: Please register to participate! Registration is now open on the website (link below).

SECOND: Please submit your abstracts! We’re looking for everyone to share their ideas that further the workshop’s goal, namely, gathering together and discussing the objectives, design, and operations for a near-term, pragmatic interstellar probe mission. Please follow the instructions on the event page to submit your abstract (link below).

You can both register and submit your abstracts at the event website here: http://interstellarprobe.jhuapl.edu/Resources/Meetings/agenda.php?id=112

Help us spread the word about this event! Feel free to forward this information, and let us know if there are any newsletters or listservs this should also be forwarded to.

Thanks so much!
Interstellar Probe Study Team


JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Experimental Plasma Physics

From: Seth Dorfman (sethd at SpaceScience.org)

The Space Science Institute (SSI) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Scientist to be based in Los Angeles, CA. The selected candidate will take a leading role in experiments aimed at understanding the Alfvén wave interactions thought to be at the heart of solar wind turbulence.  This includes the unexpected generation of residual energy – excess energy in the magnetic fluctuations compared to the velocity fluctuations.

The goal of the project is to create strong, non-linear Alfvén wave interactions in the lab for the first time and characterize the residual energy and non-linear modes generated.  The postdoctoral scientist will be responsible for conducting experiments on the Large Plasma Device at UCLA, analyzing both experimental results and existing hybrid particle-in-cell simulations of the experiment, and preparing results for publication.  The selected candidate will work with SSI Research Scientist Dr. Seth Dorfman, who will be responsible for overseeing the project.  The postdoctoral scientist will also have the opportunity to work with remote collaborators Dr. Christopher Chen (solar wind observations), Dr. Luca Franci (hybrid simulations), and Dr. Stanislav Boldyrev (theory).  Results will have broad potential implications for the physics governing solar wind and other magnetized astrophysical turbulence.

Knowledge/Education: A Ph.D. in plasma physics or related fields is required prior to the start date of the position.  Applicants should demonstrate the potential to publish research results in peer-reviewed high-quality journals, good communication skills, and the ability to work independently.  No prior experience with the Large Plasma Device or hybrid simulation analysis is expected, but applicants should demonstrate skills that show they will be able to learn these tools quickly.  Experience with laboratory plasma experiments or space plasma physics is considered an advantage.

This is a full-time position with benefits. The appointment is expected to start in December 2020, although the exact start date is flexible.  Please submit an application by October 18th, 2020 to ensure full consideration.

Contact Dr. Seth Dorfman (www.spacescience.org/bio.php?emp=SDORFMAN) with questions or to submit your CV for a preliminary evaluation.


JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Researcher and two PhD Students in Space Physics at University of Oulu

From: Anita Aikio (anita.aikio at oulu.fi)

Positions for one postdoctoral researcher and two doctoral students are open in Space Physics and Astronomy Research Unit at University of Oulu, Finland. The research positions are focused on Space Weather effects on the high-latitude ionosphere-thermosphere system during geomagnetic storms and substorms. 

More details and application instructions are available at: 


Deadline for application: 1st November 2020.

Further information: Prof. Anita Aikio (anita.aikio at oulu.fi)


Arecibo Observatory Fall 2020 Newsletter Now Available

From: Tracy M. Becker (tbecker at swri.edu)

The Fall 2020 Arecibo Observatory Newsletter is now available! Each newsletter features science highlights and updates about the telescope, staff, and current education programs: http://outreach.naic.edu/ao/newsletters


New RHESSI Science Nuggets

From: Hugh Hudson (hugh.hudson at glasgow.ac.uk)

No. 385, “White-light emission and photospheric magnetic field changes in flares,” by J. Sebastian CASTELLANOS DURÁN and Lucia Kleint: There are strong correlations between white-light flare emissions and line-of-sight magnetic field changes.

No. 386, "Relation of non-neutralized electric currents and the activity in active regions,” by P. VEMAREDDY: Non-neutralized coronal current systems contribute to CME eruptions.

No. 387, “Circular Ribbon Flare at Microwaves,” by Jeongwoo LEE: Breakout reconnection reveals itself via microwave polarization measurements.

We welcome contributions to the RHESSI Nuggets, and the topics may wander some distance away from specifically RHESSI results if they are generally interesting. See http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/wiki/index.php/RHESSI_Science_Nuggets for these and others. Comments about specific flares can often be found by searching for their SOLyyyy-mm-dd identifier from this home page.


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