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Volume XXVII, Issue 58
Sep. 24, 2020


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1. Passing of Vilen Mishin (1925-2020)


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Passing of Vilen Mishin (1925-2020)

From: Anatoly Leonovich, Vladimir Mishin, Dmitri Klimushkin, Sergey Lunyushkin (leon at iszf.irk.ru)

With deep regret we inform you that after a serious long illness an outstanding scientist-geophysicist Vilen Mishin passed away on September 20, 2020. He has lived a long life full of remarkable events and scientific achievements. He recently (July 27, 2020) turned 95 years old. He was born in 1925 in Leningrad, and since 1927 lived in Irkutsk. During World War II he took part in combat operations in Mongolia. After the war he graduated from the Irkutsk University in 1949 and began to work at the Irkutsk magnetic Observatory. On the basis of this Observatory the Irkutsk complex magneto-ionospheric station (CMIS ) has been subsequently created, which in 1960 was reorganized into the Siberian Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation (SibIZMIR) of Academy of Sciences of USSR (since 1992 the Institute of solar-terrestrial physics (ISTP) SB RAS).

Vilen Mishin created and headed one of the main research areas of the ISTP: study of the magnetosphere-ionosphere processes, both in geomagnetic quiet periods and during magnetospheric substorms and storms. Under his leadership and with his direct participation, a wonderful method of scientific analysis was first developed and introduced into the world scientific practice: the magnetograms inversion technique, based on data from the global network of magnetic observatories. This method, based on mathematical (numerical) processing of ground-based magnetograms, gives possibility to study the global ionospheric electric fields and currents dynamics. With its help, it is possible to determine with great accuracy the boundaries for the regions of downward and upward field-aligned magnetospheric currents, as well as the main phases timing of geomagnetic storms and substorms and study their main patterns in detail.

Vilen Moiseevich Mishin is the author of over 350 scientific papers. Under his leadership, more than 20 of his pupils defended their "doctor of science" theses. The bright memory of Vilen Mishin will remain with us forever. Letters of condolence can be sent to: uzel at iszf.irk.ru


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