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Volume XXVIII, Issue 54


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1. Update on FY2022 Federal Appropriations for Heliophysics Research


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Update on FY2022 Federal Appropriations for Heliophysics Research

From: Ian Cohen, Gordon Emslie (Ian.Cohen at jhuapl.edu)

Dear members of the AGU/SPA and AAS/SPD communities,

As many of you are likely aware, the SPA and SPD each have a committee formed to advocate on behalf of, and promote support broadly for, the fields of solar and space physics and aeronomy to both the funding agencies and government in general – most notably Congress. Over the past few years, these two committees (the SPA Advocacy Committee and the SPD Public Policy Committee) have worked together to unify and amplify the messaging from and on behalf of the community as we engage stakeholders and policymakers. Through joint efforts of these committees and their membership, significant progress has been made in finding strong footholds of support from legislators across the country. Most recently, the committees have jointly been working to address very concerning potential reductions to research and analysis programs within the NASA Heliophysics Division in the FY22 Presidential Budget Request (PBR) and in the House Appropriations bill. More details on the FY22 budget process and the committees’ actions are summarized in the attached info sheet.

While we wait for Congress to work through the budget process for FY22 – and look ahead to kicking the process off again for FY23 – we wish to thank the community for their willingness (nay, eagerness) to participate in this important work of advocacy, especially those who responded on short notice to our calls for action to participate in calls with Senatorial offices. We also encourage the community to continue to publicize their research how and whenever possible – having public outreach and media pieces (e.g., press releases, etc.) that we can share with policymakers is incredibly helpful! Likewise, we encourage the community to be bold and ambitious in its thinking as we head into the upcoming Decadal Survey – following up on the building excitement and enthusiasm seen in the Heliophysics 2050 Workshop held in the Spring. Finally, if any members of the SPA or SPD communities are interested in getting more involved in such advocacy/public policy work, please feel free to reach out to us.

Ian Cohen (APL; Ian.Cohen at jhuapl.edu), Chair of the SPA Advocacy Committee, and 
Gordon Emslie (WKU; Gordon.Emslie at wku.edu), Chair of the SPD Public Policy Committee, 
on behalf of the committee memberships

Details on the Outlook for FY22 Heliophysics Research Funding


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