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Volume XXIX, Issue 11



Table of Contents

1. 44th Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Scientific Assembly, Athens, Greece, July 16-24, 2022

2. List of Sessions in Commission C (Space Studies of the Upper Atmosphere of the Earth and Planets including Reference Atmospheres)

3. List of Sessions in Commission D (Space Plasmas in the Solar System, including Planetary Magnetospheres)

4. SPA-related Sessions in Commission B (Space Studies of the Earth-Moon System, Planets, and Small Bodies of the Solar System)

5. Other SPA-related Sessions


Announcement Submission Website: http://goo.gl/forms/qjcm4dDr4g


44th Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Scientific Assembly, Athens, Greece, July 16-24, 2022

From: COSPAR Secretariat (cosparcom at cosparhq.cnes.fr)

Submission of abstracts for the 43rd Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) is underway.  COSPAR 2020 will bring together approximately 3000 scientists and engineers from the world over to present the latest results in 147 symposia covering all areas of space science.

Submission of abstracts for the 44th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) is underway.  We are looking forward to a largely in person meeting, heralding a return to a long-awaited melting pot of ideas and collaborations. COSPAR 2022 will bring together approximately 3000 scientists and engineers from the world over to present the latest results in 147 symposia covering all areas of space science.

Abstract deadline:  11 February 2022
Early registration deadline:  29 April 2022

Location:  Athens, Greece, 16 – 24 July 2022

Scientific program and abstract submission:

Registration, accommodation and general information:

We look forward to your participation in the 2022 COSPAR Scientific Assembly.


List of Sessions in Commission C (Space Studies of the Upper Atmosphere of the Earth and Planets including Reference Atmospheres)

International Standards on Space Environment
Main Scientific Organizer: Yukihito Kitazawa
Deputy Organizer: W Kent Tobiska
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1021

Advances in Remote Sensing of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere from Ground and from Space, including Sounding Rockets and Multi-Instrument Studies
Main Scientific Organizer: David Rees
Deputy Organizer: Mamoru Yamamoto
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1022

Variabilities of Radio Wave Propagation Characteristics in Lower Ionosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Sudipta Sasmal
Deputy Organizer: Stelios M. Potirakis
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1023

Recent Advances in Equatorial, Low- and Mid-Latitude Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere Studies
Main Scientific Organizer: Paulo Roberto Fagundes
Deputy Organizer: Libo Liu
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/session_cospar.php?session=1024

Conditions for Enhanced Risk for the Ionospheric Weather
Main Scientific Organizer: Anna Belehaki
Deputy Organizer: Tamara Gulyaeva
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1025

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Atmosphere Coupling Dynamics at Different Temporal and Spatial Scales
Main Scientific Organizer: Mirko Piersanti 
Deputy Organizer: Piero Diego
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/session_cospar.php?session=1026

Probing the Lower-Theremosphere-Ionosphere with In-situ Measurements
Main Scientific Organizer: Guram Kervalishvili
Deputy Organizer: Christian Siemes
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1027

Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere-Ionosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Nicholas Pedatella
Deputy Organizer: Loren Chang
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1028

Development and Use of Upper Atmosphere Models and Whole Atmosphere Models for Space Weather Application
Main Scientific Organizer: Tim Fuller-Rowell
Deputy Organizer: Sean Bruinsma
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1029

Information Theory and Machine Learning for Geospace Research
Main Scientific Organizer: Georgios Balasis
Deputy Organizer: Simon Wing
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1030

Wave Coupling Processes and Consequences in the Whole Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Erdal Yiğit
Deputy Organizer: Christopher Heale
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1031

Advances in External Forcing Studies for the Middle Atmosphere and Lower Ionosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Yvan Orsolini
Deputy Organizer: Yoshihiro Tomikawa
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1032

Planetary Atmospheres
Main Scientific Organizer: Hilary L. Justh
Deputy Organizer: Larry W. Esposito, Aymeric Spiga
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1033

Planetary Upper Atmospheres, Ionospheres and Magnetospheres
Main Scientific Organizer: Syed A. Haider
Deputy Organizer: Nicholas Schneider
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1034

Real-time and Retrospective Ionosphere Modelling with In-situ and GNSS Satellite Data
Main Scientific Organizer: Dieter Bilitza
Deputy Organizer: Anndrzej Krankowski
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1035

Development of Models Related to the COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere and to ISO Standards for the Atmosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: David Rees
Deputy Organizer: W Kent Tobiska
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1036

Active Space Experiment
Main Scientific Organizer: Björn Gustavsson
Deputy Organizer: Haiyang Fu
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1037

Dust Observations in Space and Laboratory Experiments
Main Scientific Organizer: Jiri Pavlu
Deputy Organizer: Shengyi Ye
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1038


List of Sessions in Commission D (Space Plasmas in the Solar System, including Planetary Magnetospheres)

Overview Session Commission D
Main Scientific Organizer: Nicole Vilmer
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1039

Neutron Monitor Science: Current and Future Prospects
Main Scientific Organizer: Du Toit Strauss
Deputy Organizer: Stepan Poluianov
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1040

Magneto-plasma Structures, Streams and Flows in the Heliosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Olga Khabarova
Deputy Organizer: Olga Malandraki
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1041

Understanding and Predicting Solar Energetic Particle Events across the Heliosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Athanasios Papaioannou
Deputy Organizer: Anastasios Anastasiadis
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1042

Revealing the Heliosphere and Interstellar Medium with IBEX and IMAP
Main Scientific Organizer: Eric Zirnstein
Deputy Organizer: Aleida Higginson
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1043

Theory and Applications of Kappa Distributions in Space Science
Main Scientific Organizer: Georgios Livadiotis
Deputy Organizer: Peter Yoon
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1044

Acceleration and Transport of Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere and Beyond
Main Scientific Organizer: Agnieszka Gil Swiderska
Deputy Organizer: Nicholas Eugene Engelbrecht
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1045

Large-Scale Heliospheric Structure: Theory, Modelling, and Data
Main Scientific Organizer: Jens Kleimann
Deputy Organizer: John Richardson
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1046

Exploring the Cradle of the Solar Wind with PSP/SolO/Proba-3: What Do We Really Know about the Inner Solar Corona?
Main Scientific Organizer: Kanaris Tsinganos
Deputy Organizer: Andrei Zhukov
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1047

Connecting Solar and Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections: Lessons Learned, Challenges and Perspectives
Main Scientific Organizer: Spiros Patsourakos
Deputy Organizer: Manolis K. Georgoulis
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1048

Parker Solar Probe: Ushering a New Frontier in Space Exploration
Main Scientific Organizer: Nour E. Raouafi
Deputy Organizer: Arik Posner
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1049

Magnetic Reconnection in the Turbulent Plasmas from the Sun through the Heliosphere to Galaxies
Main Scientific Organizer: Jörg Büchner
Deputy Organizer: Masahiro Hoshino
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1050

Probing the Sources of Solar Wind and Energetic Particles and Tracking their Journey into the Heliosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Louise K. Harra
Deputy Organizer: Daniel Müller
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1051

Space Climate: From Past to Present and into the Future
Main Scientific Organizer: Kalevi Mursula
Deputy Organizer: Dibyendu Nandi
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1052

Highlights of Magnetospheric Plasma Physics
Main Scientific Organizer: Michael A. Balikhin
Deputy Organizer: Lev Zelenyi
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1053

Cross-scale Coupling and Multi-point Observations in the Magnetosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Katariina Nykyri
Deputy Organizer: Marina Stepanova
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1054

Origin of Non-thermal Distributions in Space Plasmas and their Role in Wave Generation and Heating / Acceleration of Particles
Main Scientific Organizer: Gurbax Singh Lakhina
Deputy Organizer: Ioannis Kourakis
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1055

Particle Acceleration and Loss in the Earth and Planetary Magnetospheres
Main Scientific Organizer: Yuri Shprits
Deputy Organizer: Maria Usanova
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1056

Magnetotail Dynamics and Substorms during Storm and Non-storm Times
Main Scientific Organizer: Elena Grigorenko
Deputy Organizer: Ian Mann
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1057

Imaging of the Magnetosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Steve Milan
Deputy Organizer: Michael Collier
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1058

Dialogues Between Space Science and Art
Main Scientific Organizer: Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou
Deputy Organizer: Konstantina Moutsouroufi
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1059

Active Space Experiment
Main Scientific Organizer: Björn Gustavsson
Deputy Organizer: Haiyang Fu
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1037

Dust Observations in Space and Laboratory Experiments
Main Scientific Organizer: Jiri Pavlu
Deputy Organizer: Shengyi Ye
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1038


SPA-related Sessions in Commission B (Space Studies of the Earth-Moon System, Planets, and Small Bodies of the Solar System)

Small Body Exploration Sciences: From the Solar System to Interstellar Objects
Main Scientific Organizer: Ernesto Palomba
Deputy Organizer: Stefanie Milam
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1007

Lunar Science and Exploration
Main Scientific Organizer: Carle Pieters
Deputy Organizer: Bernard H. Foing
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1011

Human and Robotic Exploration of the Moon and Synergy with Mars and Asteroids
Main Scientific Organizer: Bernard H. Foing
Deputy Organizer: Christiane Heinicke
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1012

Venus Science and Exploration
Main Scientific Organizer: Colin Wilson
Deputy Organizer: James Cutts
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1013

Mars Science Results
Main Scientific Organizer: Timothy Haltgin
Deputy Organizer: Michael Meyer
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1014

Forward Planning for the Exploration of Mars
Main Scientific Organizer: Brandi Carrier
Deputy Organizer: Jorge Vago
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1015

Main Scientific Organizer: Johannes Benkhoff 
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1017

Ocean Worlds
Main Scientific Organizer: Anezina Solomonidou
Deputy Organizer: Morgan Cable
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1018

Giant Planets and their Systems
Main Scientific Organizer: Adam Masters
Deputy Organizer: Sandrine Guerlet
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1019

Juno Results at Jupiter
Main Scientific Organizer: Scott Bolton
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1153

Exoplanet Detection and Characterisation: Current Research, Future Opportunities and the Search for Life Outside the Solar System
Main Scientific Organizer: L.b.f.m. Waters
Deputy Organizer: Francesca Altieri, Michael Ireland
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1020


Other SPA-related Sessions

Solar and Stellar Magnetic Flux Ropes
Main Scientific Organizer: Alexander Nindos
Deputy Organizer: Brigitte Schmieder
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1078

Catalyzing Progress in our Understanding of the Physics of Solar and Stellar Eruptions via Data Driven Simulations
Main Scientific Organizer: Georgios Chintzoglou
Deputy Organizer: Miho Janvier
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1079

Seismology of the Sun, Stars and their Atmosphere
Main Scientific Organizer: Tom Van Doorsselaere
Deputy Organizer: Anne-Marie Broomhall
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1080

The Dynamic Sun at Small Scales
Main Scientific Organizer: Kostas Tziotziou
Deputy Organizer: Maria Madjarska
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1081

Abundance Variations and Fundamental Questions in Solar and Stellar Physics
Main Scientific Organizer: Deborah Baker
Deputy Organizer: J. Martin Laming
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1082

Small Satellites for Capacity Building
Main Scientific Organizer: Carlos Gabriel
Deputy Organizer: Amal Chandran
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1111

Space Explorers in Schools - Empowering the Next Generation of Researchers
Main Scientific Organizer: Rosa Doran
Deputy Organizer: Gustavo Rojas
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1112

Current Trends, Initiatives and Research in Education and Outreach for Space Sciences
Main Scientific Organizer: Michel Boer
Deputy Organizer: Rosa Doran
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1113

Monitoring and Forecasting of Space Weather Conditions
Main Scientific Organizer: Irina Kitiashvili
Deputy Organizer: Sophie Murray
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1118

Mars Atmospheric Modeling Using Sparse and Disparate Data
Main Scientific Organizer: George A. Danos
Deputy Organizer: Aura Roy
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1119

Empirical and Numerical Models of the near-Earth Radiation Environment
Main Scientific Organizer: Yihua Zheng
Deputy Organizer: Yuri Shprits
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1124

Radiation Belt Missions, Data Sets, Data Processing, and Intercalibration
Main Scientific Organizer: Ingmar Sandberg
Deputy Organizer: Seth Claudepierre
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1125

Extending the Prediction Horizon of Earth's Radiation Belts: from Science to End-users Space Weather Services
Main Scientific Organizer: Ioannis A. Daglis
Deputy Organizer: Antoine Brunet
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1126

Scientific Ballooning: Recent Developments in Technology and Instrumentation
Main Scientific Organizer: Mattias Abrahamsson
Deputy Organizer: Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1127

Satellite Dynamics: New Developments and Challenges for Earth and Solar System Sciences
Main Scientific Organizer: Heike Peter
Deputy Organizer: Shuanggen Jin
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1128

Space Weather Nowcasting and Forecasting Capabilities for Improved Space Weather Services: The Role of Validation and Performance Assessment in Enabling R2O and O2R
Main Scientific Organizer: Alexi Glover
Deputy Organizer: Maria Kuznetsova
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1129

Space Weather at Planetary Bodies in the Solar System
Main Scientific Organizer: Reka Winslow
Deputy Organizer: Zhonghua Yao
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1130

Ionospheric Indices and Scales for Applications
Main Scientific Organizer: Norbert Jakowski
Deputy Organizer: Tim Fuller-Rowell
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1131

Space Weather Information Architecture and Innovative Solutions
Main Scientific Organizer: Arnaud Masson
Deputy Organizer: Shing Fung
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1132

COSPAR International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT): Progress and Plans
Main Scientific Organizer: Maria Kuznetsova
Deputy Organizer: Mario M. Bisi
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1133

COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap as a Community Driven Effort
Main Scientific Organizer: Bario M. Bisi
Deputy Organizer: Maria Kuznetsova
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1134

Panel Discussion: Global Coordination in Space Weather and Interfacing with User Groups
Main Scientific Organizer: Ian Mann
Deputy Organizer: Richard Marshall
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1135

The Use of Ground-Based Instrument Arrays in Support of Space Missions
Main Scientific Organizer: Hermann Opgenoortn
Deputy Organizer: Jesper Gjerloev
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1136

International Space Weather Missions and Coordination: Current and Planned Missions
Main Scientific Organizer: Juha-Pekka Luntama
Deputy Organizer: James Spann
Event Description: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/sessioninfo.php?session=1137


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