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Volume XXIX, Issue 14


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1. Alexander Yahnin (1948-2022)


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Alexander Yahnin (1948-2022)

From: Victor Sergeev,  Lena Titova, Andrei Demehov, and Tanya Popova (andrei at ipfran.ru)

With deep regret we inform that Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Yahnin passed away on 11 February 2022 after a long illness.

Just after getting his master degree in geophysics from Leningrad (now St.Petersburg) University, in 1977 Sasha started his work at Polar Geophysical Institute in Apatity where he spent all his career, passing through the steps from junior researcher to the Laboratory head and key scientist.  Enthusiastic researcher with broad interests in auroral and space physics data analyses, author of >150 papers in peer-reviewed journals, he was a qualified expert in physics of pulsations and geomagnetic variations, auroral precipitation, auroral and magnetospheric substorms. Besides others, during last decades the pioneering work of his group formed, to a large extent, our current understanding of localized energetic particle precipitations and their relationship to the electromagnetic waves and cold plasma structures in the magnetosphere. In 2018 he was named as recipient of Alexander Chizhevsky medal with citation 'for contribution to the investigation of processes in the near-Earth plasma.'

For more than 20 years Sasha Yahnin served the community as the main organizer of annual Apatity seminar on Physics of Auroral Phenomena, which became an important and warmly welcomed forum for auroral physics researchers from all parts of Russia and abroad. Sasha's leadership has been invaluable for maintaining a friendly and stimulated atmosphere of those meetings, not limited by only science talks and discussions, that attracts people and makes Apatity seminars important science events.

Sasha lived full life and has been a keen traveller, downhill skier, enjoyed hosting parties for his friends and singing guitar songs. Gentle and sincere person, a valued colleague and friend, Sasha is warmly remembered by many his friends, colleagues and collaborators, especially by those in Finland, US, Japan, and various, incl. distant, parts of Russia.

Sasha is survived by his wife Tanya, daughter Maria, son Daniil, and five grandchildren.


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