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Volume XXVII, Issue 23


Table of Contents

1. NASA Heliophysics Mission Design School

2. Magnetosphere Online Seminar Series


Announcement Submission Website: http://goo.gl/forms/qjcm4dDr4g


NASA Heliophysics Mission Design School

From: Jared Leisner and Patrick Koehn  (patrick.koehn at nasa.gov)

The Heliophysics Mission Design School prepares the next generation of engineers and scientists to participate in future solar system exploration missions. Participants learn the mission life cycle, roles of scientists and engineers in a mission environment, mission design interconnectedness and trade-offs, and the importance of teamwork.

The session has about 18 participants (number of JPL Team X seats and science mentors), who are science and engineering post-docs, recent PhDs (<10 years), and doctoral candidates (or recently completed engineering masters degrees) with a strong interest in heliophysics. We also accept very early career professionals and faculty in this field.

The workload of HMDS is roughly the same as a rigorous 3 credit-hour quarter university graduate course. During the initial 11 weeks, students work remotely and collaboratively in science team roles to select the mission and science goals, and develop a preliminary suite of instrumentation and a science traceability matrix. Once at JPL for the final week, students also work in their mission development role, participating in a series of A-Team/Team X project design sessions—their Team mentors aid them in finalizing their mission design and instrument suite, and in making the necessary trade-offs to stay within the cost cap. Tours of JPL facilities highlight the end-to-end mission life cycle. At week’s end, students present their Concept Study to a “proposal review board” of JPL scientists and engineers and NASA Headquarters program staff, who feed back the strengths and weaknesses of their proposal and mission design.

Applications are due April 27, 2020
Selections will be announced May 18, 2020
Sessions for selected participants begin (1) June 22, 2020, and (2) September 7, 2020

Full Sessions:
Jun 22 - Aug 28, 2020
Sep 7 - Nov 6, 2020

JPL Onsite Weeks:
Aug 31 - Sep 4, 2020
Nov 9 - Nov 13, 2020
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

For more information, visit http://go.nasa.gov/missiondesignschools


• Must be living in the U.S. at the time of application AND during summer session.
• U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents
• A *limited number* of foreign applicants (from U.S. State Department non-designated countries)
• Career goals in solar and space physics (heliophysics) or related space sciences
• Science and engineering doctoral candidates who plan to have careers in space exploration
• Science and engineering post-docs who are early in their careers
• Junior Faculty who teach higher education students who plan to have careers in space
• Engineering masters students who plan to have careers in space exploration


Magnetosphere Online Seminar Series

From: Kyle Murphy, David Sibeck (magnetosphere.seminars at gmail.com)

You are invited to attend the Magnetosphere Online Seminar Series on Monday April 27 at 1200 EST. Our first speaker is Joe Borovsky who will be presenting "The Magnetosphere as a system". You can join the seminar and view the upcoming schedule at https://msolss.github.io/MagSeminars/. The password to the join the meeting is Mag at 1. Please note that the seminar will be recorded for those who cannot attend. 

To ensure you are able to join the seminar please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Zoom. If you are using an older version of Zoom you may not be able to join the meeting. 


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